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Our Classroom Webpage consists of two layers. This is the first layer, the homepage. On our homepage you will find other students' entries as well as news and writing ideas from your teacher (me).


The second layer consists of all the individual blogs of students. You will be using these blogs to think and write about language and text, to explore the film Gattaca and all the various issues it raises for us as members of a society, and to express your opinions, whether fully worked out or just thinking aloud.
Happy blogging!

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2:36 AM


What About The Future

Where I will be in 5 to 10 years....In response to where I want to be in 5 or 10 years as far as my career options go I am not entirly sure, but I do have a ba...more

2:34 AM
by: Skye


What about the future

In response to, What I will be doing in the next five to ten years . What I would want to do in the next five to ten years is to have a good job and have done...more

2:17 AM
by: cherie


What about the future??

What about for the future....at the moment it dosent seem like i have that much planned for the future this is mainly because im really bad at making decistions especially ones that are g...more

2:07 AM
by: Madison


5 Years or 10 Years?

In five years time I see myself finishing Uni. During those five years I hope to have achieved a number of things, such as completing a Journalism major with arts minors (preferably history or A...more

12:06 AM


I wanna see the world, drive nice cars, i wanna have groupiesboobies

When I leave school or grow up as we used to say I would love to become a primary school teacher. I have wanted to become one since I was in primary school. I didn t always wa...more

9:41 PM
by: Jo


What about the future?

It is the time students are making their subject selections for next year. It makes us ponder what is it we want to do when we leave school . Write a post reflecting on where you want...more

1:11 AM
by: Nicole


For richer or poorer

Whether it is paying for perfect genetic makeup or anything else in this world, the truth is the wealthy will get what they want and the rest of us make do. Wealth cannot be shared among ...more

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